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Present situation of water resources in Hebei province and sewage recycling


Water is the survival and development of mankind's most valuable natural resources, with the urban population explosion and economic development, expanding the size of the cities, urban water and wastewater constantly increased, urban water supply and demand become more prominent, Water has become the largest urban development constraints. According to statistics, China's urban industrial consumption total water consumption of 80% and the use of recycled water for industrial use is very low, and water pollution have become increasingly serious, Many major cities will face a serious water shortage threats. Hebei's water environment the same way, Water shortage and water pollution seriously impeding the province's industrial and agricultural economic development.

1          Present situation of water resources in Hebei

Hebei water resources has "resources" dry and "Water" features the dual water and sewage lower level of resources

1.1          The overall situation of water resources

Hebei is the most dry one of the provinces, and the per capita water resources in China is only 311 m3, in the country's 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, ranked No. 28. The shortage of urban water resources even more pronounced, especially in summer is the peak period of water, Many cities are often the shortage of water. According to relevant statistics, Zhejiang days of urban water reached 150 ~ 1.7 million m3. All cities have different degrees of water shortages. Shijiazhuang City, the average annual water resources of 2.24 billion m3, in recent years, the city average annual actual consumption has reached 35 ~ 4 billion m3. The main deficiency on the part of overexploitation of groundwater filled. Meanwhile, due to the reuse water level low, Water-saving thinking, serious waste, exacerbated by the shortage of resources and overpopulation of contradictions.

1.2           Hebei groundwater status

According to the investigation, the province groundwater exploitation of resources available for volume 11.986 billion m3. natural groundwater recharge capacity of 17.026 billion m3. which Baoding, Shijiazhuang cities groundwater natural resources relatively more, Hengshui and Langfang, Qinhuangdao City at least three, and the depression cone continue to develop, According to the investigation, in addition to the new Xingtai giant funnel Tangshan Ninghe - Tanghai funnel and Langfang funnel area decreased slightly, Cangzhou funnel area in 2005 than in 2004 expanded the 2089 km2; Xingtai Ningbailong funnel area expanded 659 km2; Other funnel relatively stable or slightly expanded. In another development, Most of the funnel water depth of the center continue to increase. Among them, the per mu yield of Baoding vents, Xingtai Ningbailong funnel center range as high as the water level fell 5.50 m, Hengshui funnel Xingtai new giant funnel water level fell centers 4.42 m and 3.39m. Cangzhou center funnel water level rise 0.13 m, the water level in Langfang funnel center picked up 2.18m.

1.3          Deterioration of the ecological environment

Urban development process inevitably arise atmospheric and water pollution, garbage piles, reduce green space, decrease in the quality of the ecological environment, and other environmental issues. to water pollution as an example, Hebei Province in Haihe River valley more than one-70% ~ 80% of the river pollution, Of these, 50% of the river pollution is severe, Chengde, Qinhuangdao and have some water, the province most of the rivers in the state are : lack of natural runoff, lost diluted basic self-purification capacity has been almost "River were dried, water pollution are "state. these environmental problems led to a number of factors : agricultural and industrial production process backward, waste disposal and utilization of a lower standard of management and technical equipment delay, coupled with a large population, the pressure on the environment, more emphasis on the pollution of the environment

1.4          Sewage treatment and reuse of the status quo

As the province increased the urban water environment governance, and In recent years the city's drainage facilities have also invested with faster growth, Drainage for the investment in 1991 from the 54.63 million yuan to nearly 2 billion yuan, urban sewage processing capacity from 1991 to the 355,000 m3 growth to 500 million m3, The sewage treatment rate has been greatly improved. Currently Hebei urban sewage treatment is around 500 million t / d, urban sewage treatment has basically reached the scale of urban sewage of 70%.  for the urban wastewater reclamation and reuse to create good conditions. With the cause of urban drainage management system to keep on improving. facilities operating rate has increased, but the effluent reuse rate is not high, agricultural irrigation water and municipal water.

Through the above analysis shows, environmental pollution, water shortages and other problems have posed a serious threat to the city's development, in this situation, Sustainable development must explore measures to properly handle the short-term interests and long-term interests, and between economic development and environmental protection, use of resources, so as to promote the city's sustainable development, sewage Resources.

2  Constraints on wastewater reuse factor

Urban sewage resources technically feasible and economically reasonable. Sewage treatment and purification depth for irrigation, industrial water, Municipal water technical issues have been resolved, the corresponding standards and water quality standards are established, on the economy than a long-distance water diversion small investment, operating costs low. Reuse of wastewater but can spur economic sewage treatment industry. greater environmental and social benefits. implement the strategy of sustainable development important measures. But wastewater reuse has not yet widely used, mainly in the following aspects :

2.1  Lack of necessary mandatory system

Some large state-owned enterprises living and high consumption of production, using underground water-owned water wells, City water fees charged lower prices, the use of treated water to the regeneration of no economic value, even reuse of sewage treatment costs are likely to exceed House-Well Drinking water surcharge. Therefore, reuse of sewage to be used by supporting mandatory regulations to ensure, and the need for the use of sewage water treatment enterprises, policy support

2.2       The impact of sewage irrigation

Hebei Province for agricultural irrigation sewage from the main towns of industrial and domestic sewage. Sewage containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, the use of sewage irrigation, agricultural fertilizer provide resources to increase soil nitrogen and organic matter. However, As for agriculture Most of the sewage pipe untreated sewage containing sulfide, chloride, phenol, lead, chromium and other harmful substances, long-term irrigation of farmland would soil, groundwater and crops cause harm.

2.3       Reuse system is not included in the overall urban planning

Urban sewage treatment as industrial cooling and irrigation lakes and landscape, greening, flushing, wash water and other technically no longer, but due to the use of sewage users scattered, and not consumption, unboiled water after handling the pipeline system are urgently needed to solve the problem. therefore must be prepared as soon as reclaimed water reuse professional planning, identify renewable water pipeline distribution system to guide the regeneration of renewable water treatment plants and pipeline construction and management.

2.4  Renewable water price is not clear

Because the prices is not clear, renewable sewage water producers can not guarantee economic benefits, renewable water users can not meet the requirements of water, forming a pair of contradictions. Therefore, determine a reasonable price wastewater reuse is to promote the reuse of sewage an important prerequisite for

2.5  Renewable water and environmental quality of reclaimed water reuse of the key technical issues

As the city with a large quantity of sewage, organic ingredients and more complex features, Reclaimed Water Reuse is a more complicated issue, in particular, should be under a different purpose reuse, Research economically viable process, finding the best economic and technological programs to guarantee quality and meet environmental requirements.

3  City Wastewater Reuse countermeasures and Prospects

3.1  Sewage treatment plants must be reasonable planning

A combination of different urban layout, development planning, geographical hydrology, and other specific circumstances, urban sewage treatment plant for the construction of a rational plan to concentrate not only to guarantee the building of the efficient use of funds, reduce energy consumption, but also conducive to the coordinated regional water management. Meanwhile, only the construction of a major sewage treatment plant, City can guarantee to meet industrial needs to water.

3.2  Rapid introduction of wastewater reclamation and reuse the mandatory policy

Of large industrial enterprises, water quality and large complex units mandatory construction of small-scale sewage treatment plant for the production and recycling, government according to the actual situation of the plant construction investment for economic or policy support. For those who can use renewable water not to use, according to dosage reduction targets, increase water-treatment plans.

3.3       Sewerage renewable entrepreneurial production

Funded by the government building of a sewage treatment plant with heavy financial burden, a long construction period is not conducive to environmental protection and other shortcomings, be entrusted to the corresponding financial and technical strength of the municipal environmental protection enterprises, by the enterprises with independent owners or co-financing the construction and operation of enterprises through the charging recovery of the investment.

3.4       Strengthen the institutions of the House-Well Drinking management

Some units use of self-supplied well water, only to pay water charges not paid much attention to water-saving and Some even set up bypass pipeline to evade payment of water charges, causing a tremendous waste of water resources. relevant departments should take measures to intensify the best use of the House-Well Drinking unit costs.

3.5       Improve urban planning, the new projects related

Leading cadres at all levels should firmly establish the idea of sustainable development, and implementation of a sustainable development strategy, unswervingly follow the road of sustainable development. to improve the scientific decision-making level, the central bank, full consideration to the protection of the environment and the development of economic relations, socio-economic development of a virtuous cycle, must be a good first examination and approval of new projects and customs, new projects must meet the city's overall planning, the same time, corporate environmental assessment, eliminate a new source of pollution.

3.6       Ensure that there are laws to go by, the laws must be observed, laws

Governments at all levels should administer according to law, effectively on environmental quality responsibility, environmental protection objectives and measures for national economic and social development plans and annual plans, organized and implemented seriously. implement the responsibility system and law enforcement pursue a system for law enforcement agencies to perform their duties. become loyal guardians of Environmental Protection. Relevant departments should coordinate with each other, carry out their duties, to strengthen the environmental protection law enforcement efforts, stop for law enforcement, such as back door. This point has leading cadres from within. Environmental protection is an advanced culture important component of is a regional outlook, the level of civilization, culture, education an important indicator of quality, It is directly related to the people's vital interests, improve the quality of the environment, optimizing the ecological environment, of the people and improve the living standards of the important symbols We must take the improvement of environmental quality in environmental protection as the fundamental starting point and destination. We should treasure the environment, protect the environment, improve the environment and rational development, and let people form a "water-saving glorious, shameful waste" concept. With the increase of environmental awareness, Wastewater Reuse popularity and the government's increased enforcement efforts, Hebei Province, the ecological environment will be of significant change, "Green Hebei," We will not leave long

4  Conclusion

By analyzing current situation of water resources in Hebei province and sewage recycling the main issues, Reuse of wastewater supply and demand for the future, how to save water, Sewage recycling of countermeasures. enable the limited water resources to achieve maximum efficiency and facilitate the sustainable use of water resources. Hebei to the sustainable economic and social development and provide a strong support.




1 河北省水资源现状


1.1 水资源整体状况


1.2 河北省地下水现状


1.3 生态环境日趋恶化





2 制约污水再生回用的因素


2.1 缺乏必要的强制制度


2.2 污水灌溉的影响


2.3 再生回用系统未列入城市总体规划


2.4 再生水价格不明确


2.5 再生水的水质和环境质量是再生水回用技术的关键问题


3 城市污水再生回用的对策及其展望

3.1 污水处理厂的建设必须合理规划


3.2 尽快出台污水再生回用的强制性政策


3.3 推行污水再生的企业化生产


3.4 加强对企事业单位自备井的管理


3.5 加强城市规划,把好新上项目关







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