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发表于:2015-07-31 10:06:56
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1 GB/T 780-1979 汽油发动机化油器出口凸缘尺寸
Carbureters for automobile engines--Dimensions of outlet flanges 2 GB/T 983-1995 不锈钢焊条 Stainless steel covered electrodes
3 GB/T 984-1985 堆焊焊条
Covered electrodes for hardfacing
4 GB/T 985-1988 气焊、手工电弧焊及气体保护焊焊缝坡口的基本形式与尺寸
Basic forms and sizes of weld grooves for gas welding manual arc welding and gas-Shielded arc welding
5 GB/T 986-1988 埋弧焊焊缝坡口的基本形式和尺寸
Basic forms and sizes of weld grooves for submerged arc welding
6 GB/T 1173-1995 铸造铝合金
Casting aluminium alloys
7 GB/T 1174-1992 铸造轴承合金
cast bearing metals
8 GB/T 1176-1987 铸造铜合金技术条件
Specification for cast copper alloys
9 GB/T 1177-1991 铸造镁合金
Casting magnesium alloys
10 GB/T 1348-1988 球墨铸铁件
Spheroidal graphite iron castings
11 GB/T 1954-1980 铬镍奥氏体不锈钢焊缝铁素体含量测量方法
Determination of the weldign seam iron element contentin chromium,nickel austenitic stainless steel
12 GB/T 2100-1980 不锈耐酸钢铸件技术条件
Stainless acid-resistant steel castings--Specifications
13 GB/T 2649-1989 焊接接头机械性能试验取样方法
Methods of sampling for mechanical properties tests of welded joint
14 GB/T 2650-1989 焊接接头冲击试验方法
Method of impact test for welded joint
15 GB/T 2651-1989 焊接接头拉伸试验方法
Method of tensile test for welded joint
16 GB/T 2652-1989 焊缝及熔敷金属拉伸试验方法
Method of tensile tests for weld and deposited metal
17 GB/T 2653-1989 焊接接头弯曲及压扁试验方法
Methods of bend and compression tests for welded joint
18 GB/T 2654-1989 焊接接头及堆焊金属硬度试验方法
Methods of hardness tests for welded joint and surfacing metal
19 GB/T 2655-1989 焊接接头应变时效敏感性试验方法
Method of strain-age sensibillity test for welded joint
20 GB/T 2656-1981 焊缝金属和焊接接头的疲劳试验法
Weld beads metal and welds--Fatigue test
21 GB/T 2684-1981 铸造用原砂及混合料试验方法
Foundry sands and sand mixtures for casting--Method of testing
22 GB/T 3180-1982 中锰抗磨球墨铸铁件技术条件
Specification for medium manganese wear-resistant spheroidal iron castings
23 GB/T 3375-1994 焊接术语
Welding terminology
24 GB/T 3669-1983 铝及铝合金焊条
Coated electrodes for aluminium and aluminium alloys
25 GB/T 3670-1995 铜及铜合金焊条
Coated electrodes for copper and copper alloys
26 GB/T 3731-1983 涂料焊条效率、金属回收率和熔敷系数的测定
Covered electrodes--Determination of the efficiency, metal recovery and deposition coefficient
27 GB/T 3934-1983 普通螺纹量规
Gauges for general purpose screw threads
28 GB/T 3965-1995 熔敷金属中扩散氢测定方法
Methods for determination of diffusible hydrogen in deposited metal
29 GB/T 4675.1-1984 焊接性试验 斜Y型坡口焊接裂纹试验方法
Weldability testing--Method of Y-groove cracking test
30 GB/T 4675.2-1984 焊接性试验 搭接接头(CTS) 焊接裂纹试验方法
Weldability testing--Method of controlled thermal severity cracking test
31 GB/T 4675.3-1984 焊接性试验 T型接头焊接裂纹试验方法
Weldability testing--Method of cracking test for welded tee joint
32 GB/T 4675.4-1984 焊接性试验 压板对接(FISCO) 焊接裂纹试验方法
Weldability testing--Method of FISCO cracking test
33 GB/T 4675.5-1984 焊接性试验 焊接热影响区最高硬度试验方法
Weldability testing--Testing method of maximum hard ness in weld heat-affected zone
34 GB/T 4863-1985 机械制造工艺基本术语
General terminology of machine-building technology
35 GB/T 5117-1995 碳钢焊条
Carbon steel covered electrodes
36 GB/T 5118-1995 低合金钢焊条
Low alloy steel covered electrodes
37 GB/T 5185-1985 金属焊接及钎焊方法在图样上的表示代号
Welding, brazing, braze welding and soldering of metals--List of processes for symbolic representation on drawings
38 GB/T 5293-1985 碳素钢埋弧焊用焊剂
Fluxes for the submerged arc welding of carbon steel
39 GB/T 5613-1995 铸钢牌号表示方法
Code for representing cast steels
40 GB/T 5614-1985 铸铁件热处理状态的名称、定义及代号
The designations definitions and symbols for heat treatment tempers of iron castings
41 GB/T 5615-1985 铸钢件热处理状态的名称、定义及代号
The designations, definitions and symbols for heat treatment tempers of steel castings
42 GB/T 5676-1985 一般工程用铸造碳钢
Cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes
43 GB/T 5677-1985 铸钢件射线照相及底片等级分类方法
Methods of radiographic testing and classification of radiographs for steel castings
44 GB/T 5678-1985 铸造合金光谱分析取样方法
The method for sampling cast alloys for spectrochemical analysis
45 GB/T 6208-1995 钎料型号表示方法
Filler metal for soft soldering and brazing--Designation
46 GB/T 6296-1986 灰铸铁冲击试验方法
Grey cast iron impact test
47 GB/T 6416-1986 影响钢熔化焊接头质量的技术因素
Technical factors influencing the quality of the fusion welded joints in steel
48 GB/T 6417-1986 金属熔化焊焊缝缺陷分类及说明
Classification of imperfections in metallic fusion welds, with explanations
49 GB/T 6418-1993 铜基钎料
Copper base brazing filler metals
50 GB/T 6967-1986 工程结构用中、高强度不锈钢铸件
Medium and high strength stainless steel castings for engineering structure purposes
51 GB/T 7032-1986 T型角焊接头弯曲试验方法
Method of bend test for T type fillet welded joint
52 GB/T 7143-1986 铸造用硅砂化学分析方法
Methods for chemical analysis of silica sand for foundry
53 GB/T 7216-1987 灰铸铁金相
Gray cast iron metallography
54 GB/T 7232-1987 金属热处理工艺术语
Terminology of metal heat treatment
55 GB/T 7233-1987 铸钢件超声探伤及质量评级标准
Methods for ultrasonic testing and for specifying quality levels of steel castings
56 GB/T 7659-1987 焊接结构用碳素钢铸件
Carbon steel castings suitable for welded structure
57 GB/T 8063-1994 铸造有色金属及其合金牌号表示方法
Designation of cast nonferrous metals and their alloys
58 GB/T 8110-1995 气体保护电弧焊用碳钢、低合金钢焊丝
Welding wires for gas shielding arc welding of carbon and low alloy steels
59 GB/T 8121-1987 热处理工艺材料名词术语
The terminology of technological materials for heat treatment
60 GB/T 8263-1987 抗磨白口铸铁技术条件
Specification for abrasion resistant white cast irons
61 GB/T 8454-1987 焊条用还原钛铁矿粉中亚铁量的测定
Determination of ferrous iron content in reduced ilmenite powder for welding rod
62 GB/T 8491-1987 高硅耐蚀铸铁件
Corrosion resistant high silicon iron castings
63 GB/T 8492-1987 耐热钢铸件
Heat resistant steel castings
64 GB/T 8493-1987 一般工程用铸造碳钢金相
Metallograph of cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes
65 GB/T 8539-1987 齿轮材料及热处理质量检验的一般规定
General specification for quality inspection of gear materials and their heat treatment
66 GB/T 8619-1988 钎缝强度试验方法
Method of the strength test for brazed and soldered seam
67 GB/T 9437-1988 耐热铸铁件
Heat resistant iron castings
68 GB/T 9438-1988 铝合金铸件技术条件
Aluminium alloy castings--Technical specification
69 GB/T 9439-1988 灰铸铁件
Grey iron castings
70 GB/T 9440-1988 可锻铸铁件
Malleable iron castings
71 GB/T 9441-1988 球墨铸铁金相检验
Metallographic test for spheroidal graphite cast iron
72 GB/T 9446-1988 焊接用插销冷裂纹试验方法
Welding--Cold cracking test method using implants
73 GB/T 9447-1988 焊接接头疲劳裂纹扩展速率试验方法
Test method for fatigue crack growth rates of welded joints
74 GB 9448-1988 焊接与切割安全
Safety in welding and cutting
75 GB/T 9450-1988 钢件渗碳淬火有效硬化层深度的测定和校核
Determination and verification of the effective depth of carburizod and hardened cases of steel parts
76 GB/T 9451-1988 钢件薄表面总硬化层深度或有效硬化层深度的测定
Determination of total or effective thickness of thin surface hardened layers of steel parts
77 GB/T 9452-1988 热处理炉有效加热区测定方法
Testing method for working zone of heat treating furnace
78 GB/T 9460-1988 铜及铜合金焊丝
Welding wire and rods of copper and copper alloys
79 GB/T 10044-1988 铸铁焊条及焊丝
Covered electrodes and welding rods for welding cast iron
80 GB/T 10045-1988 碳钢药芯焊丝
Carbon steel flux cored wires for arc welding
81 GB/T 10046-1988 银基钎料
Silver brazing filler metals
82 GB/T 10858-1989 铝及铝合金焊丝
Aluminium and aluminium alloy welding rods and wires
83 GB/T 10859-1989 镍基钎料
Nickel base brazing filler metals
84 GB/T 11350-1989 铸件机械加工余量
Machining allowances on castings
85 GB/T 11351-1989 铸件重量公差 Mass tolerances for castings
86 GB/T 11352-1989 一般工程用铸造碳钢件
Carbon steel castings for general engineering purposes
87 GB/T 11354-1989 钢铁零件 渗氮层深度测定和金相组织检验
Steel-iron parts—Determination of nitrided case depth and metallographic examination of nitriding structure
88 GB/T 11363-1989 钎焊接头强度试验方法
Methods of the strength tests for brazed and soldered joint
89 GB/T 11364-1989 钎料铺展性及填缝性试验方法
Test method of spreadability and clearance filling ability for filler metal
90 GB/T 12214-1990 熔模铸造用硅砂、粉
Silica sand and flour for investment casting
91 GB/T 12215-1990 熔模铸造用铝矾土砂、粉
Bauxite sand and flour for investment casting
92 GB/T 12216-1990 铸造用合脂粘结剂
The residue from distillation of synthetic fatty acids as binder for foundry
93 GB/T 12361-1990 钢质模锻件 通用技术条件
General specification of steel die forgings
94 GB/T 12362-1990 钢质模锻件 公差及机械加工余量
Tolerances and machining allowances of steel die forgings
95 GB/T 12363-1990 锻件功能分类
Classification of forging functions
96 GB/T 12469-1990 焊接质量保证 钢熔化焊接头的要求和缺陷分级
Quality assurance of welding—Requirement for fusion welding joint of steel and classification for imperfection
97 GB/T 12470-1990 低合金钢埋弧焊用焊剂
Fluxes for the submerged arc welding of low alloy steel
98 GB/T 12603-1990 金属热处理工艺分类及代号
Classification and designation on metal heat treatment
99 GB 12935-1991 焊条烘干炉运行能耗标准
Energy consumption standard in operation of covered electrode furnace
100 GB/T 13311-1991 锅炉受压元件焊接接头机械性能试验方法
Boiler pressure parts—Mechanical test for welded joints
101 GB/T 13320-1991 钢质模锻件 金相组织评级图及评定方法
Metallographic grading atlas and assessing method for steel die forgings
102 GB/T 13450-1992 对接焊接头宽板拉伸试验方法
Method of wide plate tension test for butt welded joint
103 GB/T 13679-1992 锰基钎料
Manganese base brazing filler metals
104 GB/T 13814-1992 镍及镍合金焊条
Nickel and nickel alloy covered welding electrodes
105 GB/T 13815-1992 铝基钎料
Aluminium base brazing filler metals
106 GB/T 13816-1992 焊接接头脉动拉伸疲劳试验方法
Test method for pulsed tensile fatigue of welded joints
107 GB/T 13817-1992 对接接头刚性拘束焊接裂纹试验方法
Method of rigid restraint cracking test for welding butt joint
108 GB/T 13818-1992 压铸锌合金
Zinc die-casting alloys
109 GB/T 13819-1992 铜合金铸件
Copper alloy castings
110 GB/T 13820-1992 镁合金铸件
Magnesium alloy castings
111 GB/T 13821-1992 锌合金压铸件
Zinc alloy die castings
112 GB/T 13822-1992 压铸有色合金试样
Test specimens for non ferrous diecasting alloys
113 GB/T 13914-1992 冲压件尺寸公差
Tolerance of dimensions for stampings
114 GB/T 13915-1992 冲压件角度公差
Tolerance of angles for stampings
115 GB/T 13916-1992 冲压件形状和位置未注公差
Unnoted tolerance of shape and position for stampings
116 GB/T 13925-1992 铸造高锰钢金相
Metallographs for high manganese cast steel
117 GB/T 14235.1-1993 熔模铸造模料 熔点测定方法(冷却曲线法)
Testing method for melting point of pattern materials in investment casting
118 GB/T 14235.2-1993 熔模铸造模料 抗弯强度测定方法
Testing method for bending strength of pattern materials in investment casting
119 GB/T 14235.3-1993 熔模铸造模料 灰分测定方法
Testing method for ash content of pattern materials in investment casting
120 GB/T 14235.4-1993 熔模铸造模料 线收缩率测定方法
Testing method for linear contraction of pattern materials in investment casting
121 GB/T 14235.5-1993 熔模铸造模料 表面硬度测定方法
Testing method for surface hardness of pattern materials in investment casting
122 GB/T 14235.6-1993 熔模铸造模料 酸值测定方法
Testing method for acid number of pattern materials in investment casting
123 GB/T 14235.7-1993 熔模铸造模料 流动性测定方法
Testing method for fluidity of pattern materials in investment casting
124 GB/T 14235.8-1993 熔模铸造模料 粘度测定方法
Testing method for viscosity of pattern materials in investment casting
125 GB/T 14235.9-1993 熔模铸造模料 热稳定性测定方法
Testing method for thermal stability of pattern materials in investment casting
126 GB/T 14408-1993 一般工程与结构用低合金铸钢件
Low alloy steel castings for general engineering and structural purposes
127 GB/T 15055-1994 冲压件未注公差尺寸极限偏差
Permissible stamping varitions in dimensions without tolerance indication
128 GB/T 15056-1994 铸造表面粗糙度 评定方法
Evaluation method on cast surface roughness
129 GB/T 15111-1994 点焊接头剪切拉伸疲劳试验方法
Test method for shear tensile fatigue of spot welded joints
130 GB/T 15114-1994 铝合金压铸件
Aluminium alloy die-castings
131 GB/T 15115-1994 压铸铝合金 Die casting
aluminium alloys
132 GB/T 15116-1994 压铸铜合金
Die casting copper alloys
133 GB/T 15117-1994 铜合金压铸件
Copper alloy die castings
134 GB/T 15169-1994 钢熔化焊手焊工资格考核方法
Approval testing of manual welders--Fusion welding-steel
135 GB/T 15620-1995 镍及镍合金焊丝
Nickel and nickel alloy welding wires
136 GB 15735-1995 金属热处理生产过程安全卫生要求
Requirements for the safety and health in production process of metal heat treatment
137 GB/T 15747-1995 正面角焊缝接头拉伸试验方法
Method of tension test for front fillet welded joint
138 GB/T 15825.1-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 成形性能和指标
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Formability and indexes
139 GB/T 15825.2-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 通用试验规程
Sheet metal formability and test methods--General test rules
140 GB/T 15825.3-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 拉深与拉深载荷试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Drawing and drawing load test
141 GB/T 15825.4-1995 金属薄板成形性能和试验方法 扩孔试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Hole expanding test
142 GB/T 15825.5-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 弯曲试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Bending test
143 GB/T 15825.6-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 锥杯试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Conical cup test
144 GB/T 15825.7-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 凸耳试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Earing test
145 GB/T 15825.8-1995 金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 成形极限图(FLD)试验
Sheet metal formability and test methods--Forming limit diagram (FLD) test
146 GB/T 15826.1-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差一般要求
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--General reguirement
147 GB/T 15826.2-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差盘、柱类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Disks and columns
148 GB/T 15826.3-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 带孔圆盘类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Disk swith holes
149 GB/T 15826.4-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 圆环类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Rings
150 GB/T 15826.5-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 套筒类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Seamles cylinder hushings
151 GB/T 15826.6-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 光轴类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Shaft without steps
152 GB/T 15826.7-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 台阶轴类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Shaft with steps
153 GB/T 15826.8-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 单拐曲轴类
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open dle forgings on hammer--Single throw crankshaft
154 GB/T 15826.9-1995 锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 黑皮锻件
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer--Forging without machining
155 GB/T 15829.1-1995 软钎焊用钎剂 分类、标记与包装
Soldering fluxes--Classification, labelling and packaging
156 GB/T 15829.2-1995 软钎焊用钎剂 树脂类钎剂
Soldering fluxes--Resin basis fluxes
157 GB/T 15829.3-1995 软钎焊用钎剂 有机物类钎剂
Soldering fluxes--Organic fluxes
158 GB/T 15829.4-1995 软钎焊用钎剂 无机物类钎剂
Soldering fluxes--Inorganic fluxes
159 GB/T 16253-1996 承压钢铸件 Steel castings for pressure purposes
160 GB/T 16672-1996 焊缝 工作位置 倾角和转角的定义
Welds--Working positions--Definitions of angles of slope and rotation
161 GB/T 8541-1997 锻压术语
Terminolgy of forging and stamping
162 GB/T 16743-1997 冲裁间隙
Blanking clearance
163 GB/T 16746-1997 锌合金铸件
Zinc alloy castings
164 GB/T 1175-1997 铸造锌合金
Casting zinc alloys
165 GB/T 16923-1997 钢件的正火与退火
Normalizing and annealing of steel parts
166 GB/T 16924-1997 钢件的淬火与回火
Quenching and tempering of steel parts
167 GB/T 16957-1997 复合钢板焊接接头力学性能试验方法
Mechanical tests on welded joints in clad plates
168 GB/T 6060.1-1997 表面粗糙度比较样块 铸造表面
Roughness comparison specimens Cast surfaces
169 GB/T 5611-1998 铸造术语
Foundry terminology
170 GB/T 5680-1998 高锰钢铸件
Austenitic manganese steel castings
171 GB/T 9442-1998 铸造用硅砂
Foundry silica sand
172 GB/T 17445-1998 铸造磨球
Cast grinding balls
173 GB/T 12467.1-1998 焊接质量要求 金属材料的熔化焊第一部分: 选择及使用指南 Quality requirements for welding--Fusion welding of metallic materials--Part 1: Guidelines for selection and use
174 GB/T 12467.2-1998 焊接质量要求 金属材料的熔化焊 第二部分: 完整质量要求 Quality requirements for welding--Fusion welding of metallic materials--Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
175 GB/T 12467.3-1998 焊接质量要求 金属材料的熔化焊 第三部分: 一般质量要求 Quality requirements for welding--Fusion welding of metallic materials--Part 3: Standards quality requirements
176 GB/T 12467.4-1998 焊接质量要求 金属材料的熔化焊 第四部分: 基本质量要求 Quality requirements for welding--Fusion welding of metallic materials--Part 4: Elementary quality requirements
177 GB/T 17493-1998 低合金钢药芯焊丝
Low alloy steel flux cored electrodes for arc welding



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