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发表于:2015-07-31 10:17:01
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1 GB/T 1582-1993 卧式车床参数  
General purpose parallel lathes--Parameters   
2 GB/T 2813-1989 台式钻床参数  
Bench drilling machines—Parameters   
3 GB/T 2814-1989 立式钻床参数  
Vertical drilling machines—Parameters   
4 GB/T 2815-1989 钻床主轴端部  
Drilling machines—Spindle noses   
5 GB/T 3167-1993 金属切削机床 操作指示形象化符号Symbols for indications appearing on machine tools   
6 GB/T 3168-1993 数字控制机床 操作指示形象化符号  
Numerical control of machines--Symbols   
7 GB/T 3668.1-1983 组合机床通用部件 多轴箱箱体和输入轴尺寸寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Multi-spindle heads--Casing and input drive shaft dimensions   
8 GB/T 3668.2-1983 组合机床通用部件 支架尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Support brackets--Dimensions   
9 GB/T 3668.3-1983 组合机床通用部件 回转工作台和回转工作台用多边形中间底座尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Rotary tables and multi-sided centre bases for rotary tables--Dimensions   
10 GB/T 3668.4-1983 组合机床通用部件 滑台尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Slide units--Dimensions   
11 GB/T 3668.5-1983 组合机床通用部件 动力箱尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Headstocks--Dimensions   
12 GB/T 3668.6-1983 组合机床通用部件 滑台侧底座尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Wing bases for slide units--Dimensions  13 GB/T 3668.7-1983 组合机床通用部件 中间底座和立柱尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Centre bases and columns--Dimensions   
14 GB/T 3668.8-1983 组合机床通用部件 立柱侧底座尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Wing base for columns--Dimensions   
15 GB/T 3668.9-1983 组合机床通用部件 主轴部件尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Spindle units--Dimensions   
16 GB/T 3668.10-1983 组合机床通用部件 多轴箱主轴端部和可调接杆尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Spindle noses and adjustable adaptors for multi-spindle heads --Dimensions   
17 GB/T 3668.11-1983 组合机床通用部件 有导轨立柱尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Integral way columns--Dimensions   
18 GB/T 3668.12-1983 组合机床通用部件 落地式有导轨立柱尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Floor-mounted type--Integral way columns--Dimensions   
19 GB/T 3668.13-1983 组合机床通用部件 安装多轴箱用的法兰盘和端面传动键尺寸Modular units for machine tool construction--Tenon drive and flanges for mounting multi-spindle heads--Dimensions   
20 GB/T 3837.1-1983 机床工具7:24圆锥联结 主轴端部  
Spindle noses with 7:24 tapers  
21 GB/T 3837.2-1983 机床工具7:24圆锥联结 主轴端面键Tenons for spindle noses with 7:24 tapers   
22 GB/T 3837.3-1983 机床工具7:24圆锥联结 工具锥柄  
Tool shanks with 7:24 tapers   
23 GB/T 3932-1983 工作台不升降铣床精度检测Milling machines with table of fixed height with horizontal or vertical spindle--Testing of the accuracy   
24 GB/T 3933-1983 升降台铣床精度检测Milling machines with table of variable height with horizontal or vertical spindle--Testing of the accuracy   
25 GB/T 4022-1983 卧轴矩台平面磨床 精度检测Ace grinding machines with horizontal grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table--Testing of the accuracy   
26 GB/T 4215-1984 金属切削机床噪声声功率级的测定Determination of sound power levels of noise emitted by metal cutting machine tools  
27 GB/T 4346-1984 三爪自定心卡盘 基本参数和尺寸  
3-jaw self-centering chucks--Dimensions   
28 GB 4674-1984 磨削机械安全规程  
Safety code for grinding machines   
29 GB/T 4681-1984 无心磨床 精度检测  
External cylindrical centerless grinding machines--Testing of the accuracy   
30 GB/T 4682-1984 内圆磨床 精度检测Internal cylindrical grinding machines with horizontal spindles--Testing of the accuracy  
31 GB/T 4683-1993 转塔车床精度检测  
Turret lathes--Testing of the accuracy   
32 GB/T 4684-1994 外圆磨床 参数  
External cylindrical grinding machines--Parameters   
33 GB/T 4685-1994 外圆磨床 精度检测  
External cylindrical grinding machines--Accuracy   
34 GB/T 4686-1984 插齿机精度检测  
Gear shaping machines--Testing of the accuracy   
35 GB/T 5226.1-1996 工业机械电气设备 第1部分: 通用技术条件Electrical equipment of industrial machines--Part 1: General requirements   
36 GB/T 5268-1985 车床刀架装刀槽高度  
Machine tools--Lathe tool posts--Overall internal height   
37 GB/T 5288-1985 龙门导轨磨床精度检测  
Slideways grinding machines with two columns--Testing of the accuracy   
38 GB/T 5289-1985 卧式镗铣床精度检测Boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle-- Testing of the accuracy   
39 GB/T 5290-1985 电火花成型机床参数  
Parameters of electrical discharge machine   
40 GB/T 5291-1985 电火花成型机床精度  
Accuracy of electrical discharge machine  
41 GB/T 5901.1-1986 四爪单动卡盘 型式、基本参数和尺寸Types, basic parameters and dimensions of four-jaw independent chucks   
42 GB/T 5901.2-1986 四爪单动卡盘 精度检测  
Testing of accuracy of four-jaw independent chucks   
43 GB/T 5901.3-1986 四爪单动卡盘 技术条件  
Technical specifications of four-jaw independent chucks   
44 GB/T 6087-1993 扳手钻夹头  
Key type drill chuck   
45 GB/T 6090-1993 钻夹头圆锥  
Drill chuck tapers   
46 GB/T 6469-1986 卧轴矩台平面磨床参数Surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle and rectangular table--Parameters   
47 GB/T 6470-1986 无心外圆磨床参数 
External cylindrical centerless grinding machines--Parameters   
48 GB/T 6471-1986 内圆磨床参数  
Internal cylindrical grinding machines--Parameters   
49 GB/T 6472-1996 立式内拉床 精度检验  
Vertical internal broaching machines--Testing of the accuracy   
50 GB/T 6473-1996 立式外拉床 精度检验  
Vertical surface broaching machines--Testing of the accuracy  
51 GB/T 6474-1986 导轨磨床参数  
Surface grinding machines for grinding slideways--Parameters   
52 GB/T 6476-1986 立轴矩台平面磨床精度Surface grinding machines with vertical grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table--Testing of the accuracy   
53 GB/T 6477.1-1986 金属切削机床术语 基本术语  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Basic terminology   
54 GB/T 6477.2-1986 金属切削机床术语 组合机床及组合机床自动线  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Modular machine tools and transfer lines   
55 GB/T 6477.3-1986 金属切削机床术语 车床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Lathes   
56 GB/T 6477.4-1986 金属切削机床术语 钻床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Drilling machines   
57 GB/T 6477.5-1986 金属切削机床术语 镗床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Boring machines   
58 GB/T 6477.6-1986 金属切削机床术语 磨床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Grinding machines   
59 GB/T 6477.7-1986 金属切削机床术语 齿轮加工机床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Gear cutting machines   
60 GB/T 6477.8-1986 金属切削机床术语 螺纹加工机床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Threading machines  
61 GB/T 6477.9-1986 金属切削机床术语 铣床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Milling machines   
62 GB/T 6477.10-1986 金属切削机床术语 刨床和插床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Planing and slotting machines   
63 GB/T 6477.11-1986 金属切削机床术语 拉床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Broaching machines   
64 GB/T 6477.12-1986 金属切削机床术语 特种加工机床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Non-traditional machine tools   
65 GB/T 6477.13-1986 金属切削机床术语 锯床  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Sawing machines   
66 GB/T 6477.14-1986 金属切削机床术语 刻线机  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Dividing machines   
67 GB/T 6477.15-1986 金属切削机床术语 管子加工机床 
 Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Pipe cutting machines   
68 GB/T 6477.16-1986 金属切削机床术语 机床附件  
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Machine tool accessory   
69 GB/T 6576-1986 机床润滑系统  
Machine tools--Lubrication systems   
70 GB/T 7177-1987 双端面磨床参数  
Double disc surface grinding machines—Parameters  
71 GB/T 7923-1987 立轴矩台平面磨床 参数Surface grinding machines with vertical grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table--Parameters   
72 GB/T 7924-1987 光学曲线磨床 参数  
Optical projection profile grinding machines--Parameters   
73 GB/T 7925-1987 电火花线切割机参数 
Parameters of wire cut electric discharge machines   
74 GB/T 7926-1987 电火花线切割机精度Accuracy of wire cut electric discharge machines   
75 GB/T 8870-1988 数控机床.定位、直线运动和轮廓控制系统的数据格式Numerical control of machines--Data format for positioning ,line motion and contouring control systems   
76 GB/T 9059-1988 精密插齿机精度  
Precision gear shaping machines—Testing of the accuracy   
77 GB/T 9061-1988 金属切削机床通用技术条件  
General specifications for metal-cutting machine tools   
78 GB/T 9167-1988 花键轴铣床 精度  
Splint hobbing machines—Testing of the accuracy   
79 GB/T 9204.1-1988 固定顶尖 参数  
Dead centre—Parameter   
80 GB/T 9204.2-1988 固定顶尖 精度 
 Dead centre—Testing of the accuracy   
81 GB/T 9204.3-1988 固定顶尖 技术条件  
Dead centre—Specification   
82 GB/T 9461-1988 摇臂钻床参数  
Radial drilling machines--Parameters   
83 GB/T 10173-1988 滚齿机 参数  
Gear hobbing machines--Parameters   
84 GB/T 10927-1989 立轴圆台平面磨床 参数Surface grinding machines with vertical grinding wheel spindle and round table—Parameters   
85 GB/T 10929-1989 铲齿车床精度  
Relieving lathes—Testing of the accuracy   
86 GB/T 10930-1989 花键轴磨床 参数  
Spline shaft grinding machines—Parameters   
87 GB/T 10931-1989 数字控制机床 位置精度的评定方法Numerically controlled machine tools—Determination of accuracy and repeatability of positioning   
88 GB/T 12217-1990 机器 轴高  
Machines—Shaft heights   
89 GB/T 13574-1992 金属切削机床 静刚度检验通则  
Metal-cutting machine tools—Test code for static rigidity   
90 GB/T 14302-1993 牛头刨床 精度  
shaping machines--Testing of the accuracy  
91 GB/T 14534-1993 电磁吸盘  
Electromagnetic chuck   
92 GB/T 14535-1993 单轴自动车床 精度  
Single spindle automatic lathes--Testing of the accuracy   
93 GB/T 14660-1993 数控坐标镗床 精度  
NC jig boring machine--Testing of the accuracy   
94 GB/T 14896.1-1994 特种加工机床 术语 基本术语  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Basic terminology   
95 GB/T 14896.2-1994 特种加工机床 术语 放电加工机床  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Electro-discharge machine tools  
96 GB/T 14896.3-1994 特种加工机床 术语 电解加工机床  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Electrolytic machine tools   
97 GB/T 14896.4-1994 特种加工机床 术语 超声加工机床  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Ultrasonic machine tools   
98 GB/T 14896.5-1994 特种加工机床 术语 复合加工机床  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Combined machining machine tools   
99 GB/T 14896.6-1994 特种加工机床 术语 其他特种加工机床  
Non-traditional machine tools--Terminology--Other non-traditional machine tools   
100 GB/T 15375-1994 金属切削机床 型号编制方法  
Metal-cutting machine tools--Method of type designation  
101 GB 15760-1995 金属切削机床安全防护通用技术条件  
Metal-cutting machine tools--General safeguarding specification   
102 GB/T 16462-1996 数控卧式车床 精度检验  
Numerically controlled turning machines--Testing of the accuracy   
103 GB/T 16768-1997 金属切削机床 振动测量方法  
Metal-cutting machine tools--Measurement method for vibration   
104 GB/T 16769-1997 金属切削机床 噪声声压级测量方法  
Metal-cutting machine tools--Measurement method of sound pressure level   
105 GB/T 4680-1997 卧式内拉床 精度检验  
Horizontal internal broaching machines--Testing of the accuracy   
106 GB/T 4020-1997 卧式车床精度检验Acceptance conditions for general purpose parallel lathes--Testing of the accuracy   
107 GB/T 158-1996 机床工作台 T形槽和相应的夹紧螺栓  
Machine tool table--T-slots and corresponding bolts   
108 GB/T 4017-1997 摇臂钻床 精度检验  
Radial drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy   
109 GB/T 5900.1-1997 机床 主轴端部与花盘互换性尺寸 第1部分: A型  
Machine tools--Spindle noses and face plates--Sizes for interchangeability--Part 1: Type A   
110 GB/T 5900.2-1997 机床 主轴端部与花盘互换性尺寸 第2部分: 凸轮锁紧型  
Machine tools--Spindle noses and face plates--Sizes for interchangeability--Part 2: Cam  lock type 
111 GB/T 5900.3-1997 机床 主轴端部与花盘互换性尺寸 第3部分: 卡口型  
Machine tools--Spindle noses and face plates--Sizes for interchangeability--Part 3: Bayonet type   
112 GB/T 4019.1-1997 方柱立式钻床 精度检验 第1部分: 几何精度检验Box type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 1: Geometrical tests   
113 GB/T 4019.2-1997 方柱立式钻床 精度检验 第2部分: 工作精度检验Bot type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 2: Working tests   
114 GB/T 4018.1-1997 圆柱立式钻床 精度检验 第1部分: 几何精度检验Pillar type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 1: Testing of the geometric accuracy   
115 GB/T 4018.2-1997 圆柱立式钻床 精度检验 第2部分: 工作精度检验Pillar type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 2: Testing of the working accuracy   
116 GB/T 17161-1997 机床 控制装置的操作方向  
Machine tools-Direction of operation of controls   
117 GB/T 17162-1997 机床 速度和进给量  
Machine tools--Speeds and feeds   
118 GB/T 17421.1-1998 机床检验通则 第1部分: 在无负荷或精加工条件下机床的几何精度Test code for machine tools--Part 1: Geometric accuracy of machines operating under no-load or finishing conditions   
119 GB/T 17587.1-1998 滚珠丝杠副 第1部分: 术语和符号  
Ball screws--Part 1: Vocabulary and designation   
120 GB/T 17587.2-1998 滚珠丝杠副 第2部分: 公称直径和公称导程 公制系列  
Ball screws--Part 2: Nominal diameters and nominal leads--Metric series  
121 GB/T 17587.3-1998 滚珠丝杠副 第3部分: 验收条件和验收检验  
Ball screws--Part 3: Acceptance conditions and acceptance tests   
122 GB/T 8064-1998 滚齿机 精度检验Acceptance conditions for gear hobbing machines--Testing of the accuracy   
123 GB/T 2554.1-1998 机械分度头 精度检验Mechanical dividing heads Testing of accuracy   
124 GB/T 2554.2-1998 机械分度头 分类和技术条件Mechanical dividing heads Classifations and Technical specifcations



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